Building an Authentic Community of Practice


[3] My Pocket Social Justice Manifesto

  1. Authenticity is being true to myself and creating space for others to be true to themselves. It means to live an original interpretation of life based on my own needs, desires, and interests—all of which I am the sole authority on. My authenticity is an exercise of my right to my life. If I were to give up my authenticity, then I would open myself up for others to project their interpretations onto me without my consent. Everyone is deserving of this, so to promote the authentic expressions of others is to protect that of my own.
    • Closest Related Social Justice Principles: Accessibility & Inclusion aka protecting the basic needs of others and ensuring their full participation in society
  2. Empathy is doing my best to understand and feel what others do from their point of view. It means to imagine others as versions of myself but from different lives, having grown up under different circumstances experiencing different things through a different body and aligning with a different outlook. It means assuming that if I were in their shoes, that I would think, feel, and act in the exact same way as they are. If there is any negative judgement the current version of myself would make against another, then the first thing I must do is empathize and forgive. Because without empathy and forgiveness, I can never hope to grow closer to others or fully experience the world with them in mind.
    • Closest Related Social Justice Principles: Intersectionality & Equity aka recognizing the multi-dimensional experiences of others due to their multiple identities and addressing the multiple systemic barriers under multiple systems of oppression they are subject to
  3. Growth is making meaning out of every experience I go through. It means to try my best not to lose time in life by making a similar mistake twice, but also having the self-forgiveness to accept that some lessons take multiple trials and errors to fully learn. Growth can be tedious, confusing, and frustrating but it brings me closer to a more truthful, holistic understanding of the world and improves my ability to serve myself and my community. Thus, pushing critical thinking and affording grace both to myself and others as we we share this learning environment together is an investment in our collective growth as a whole.
    • Closest Related Social Justice Principles: Restorative Justice & Empowerment aka seeking accountability for the healing of others by addressing the root causes of injustice and fostering of communities in their reclamation of agency and self-determination
  4. Courage is overcoming fears that get in between me and the future I wish to create. It is remembering Little Sabrina who ran out of the house and into the street upset during dinner because she was sick of her parents fighting all the time. It is remembering Teen Sabrina who cried silently in bed when she felt helpless in her depression and had no one to turn to but herself. It is remembering COVID Sabrina who spent years tearing apart her identity to recreate herself while navigating being the young adult she was never prepared to be. It is drawing strength from disparity and knowing that that is reason enough to fight for a future that prevents more harm being done.
    • Closest Related Social Justice Principles: Anti-Oppression & Solidarity aka challenging systems of oppression and dismantling them through resistance with historically marginalized groups in support of their liberation
  5. Love is holding endless space for myself and others to process life and move forward. It means learning peace after harm and making sure we have what we need to make it to the next phase. It means uplifting each other instead of leaving each other behind. It means pouring onto others when I have an abundance for myself. It’s important because it doesn’t just mean healing, but being seen, heard, and known throughout the life process that brings meaning to our time here.
    • Closest Related Social Justice Principles: Accountability & Advocacy aka raising awareness of injustice by speaking truth to power and remedying harm caused by contributing toward tangible change