Building an Authentic Community of Practice


#3: Using Personal Values to Develop an Ethical Stance

My top 5 core values would be: love, loyalty, authenticity, compassion and spirituality.

Love: Love is one of my foundations. It guides me to connect deeply with others and the world around me. It fuels my compassion and empathy, reminding me of the profound importance of relationships and understanding.

Loyalty: Loyalty is like the anchor, grounding me in my commitments and fostering trust and reliability in my relationships. It’s the unwavering support I offer to those I care about, a testament to the strength of my character and the depth of my connections.

Authenticity empowers me to embrace my true self and live in alignment with my values and beliefs. It’s the courage to show up as I am, unapologetically, fostering genuine connections and mutual respect in my interactions with others.

Compassion: drives me to extend kindness and understanding to all people. It’s the driving force behind my actions, inspiring me to alleviate suffering and promote equality and justice in the world.

Spirituality: Spirituality is my sense of direction and comfort it is also the other half of my foundation. It’s the deep sense of connection to something greater than myself, guiding me to find solace, wisdom, and strength in moments of joy and adversity alike.