Building an Authentic Community of Practice


[7] Topic: Mutual Aid Networks in NYC

My topic is more of an exercise for me to explore the most recent uses of mutual aid networks in New York City. So far, I only know what mutual aid is based off of my friend Enbar’s mutual aid workshop with Guttman’s Connect Center and the basic history we went over in class that included historical examples of mutual aid groups like the Black Panther Party, the Young Lords Party, and Food Not Bombs. I am really interested in learning more about how mutual aid have benefitted communities directly in times when the government and private corporate/capitalist interests fail their basic rights/needs. I am also hoping to be inspired to imagine how more mutual aid networks can be built throughout NYC to serve the diversity of our population, while also maintaining their core values of solidarity, not charity. Communities who may benefit from mutual aid networks the most are marginalized and underserved communities