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Blog #1 The System of Grading:by Jose Jacobo

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My personal feelings about grades are a mixture of both positive and negative. However, grades serve their own purpose and have their reasons. For instance, if I receive a low grade on an assignment despite putting in a lot of effort and time, it can be disheartening. Perhaps I overlooked some details or aspects of the assignment, leading to a passing grade but not the one I aimed for. While achieving a 65 might seem disappointing initially, it could be a valuable learning experience. It’s possible that I pushed myself too hard, leading to unnecessary stress, or that I wasn’t satisfied with my work and want to start afresh.

The confusing aspect of the grading system arises even when I achieve a high grade, such as 100 percent, which was my target. However, what’s the point of attaining a perfect score if I can’t learn from my mistakes and grow? True learning comes from understanding where I went wrong and using that knowledge to improve. By reflecting on my past assignments and identifying areas for enhancement, I can ensure that I truly earn that perfect score in the future. For me, the key is to remain persistent and avoid complacency. By acknowledging my mistakes and actively seeking solutions, I believe I can enhance my understanding and cognitive abilities.

I think if we didn’t have a grade system then we would never be a right or wrong answer and it would just be more confusing to give someone a grade if there isn’t one how would we know what is the right thing we did on our assignment and what where some of the mistakes and did i do good? did I somehow did better than anyone else, no one will know if we everyone grow up without a type of system in school how can we know if we did well in my classes but theirs no system what type of world would that be?

but having a grading system does help people to improve in schools and universities even if we didn’t good that wont stop me from attending school i would just keep trying and not stop and over time i will be a better learner than i was when i join guttman,i prove myself more than my first year and i am so proud of that i was to unlock a sort of hidden ability to learn more and understand better in anyclass even if i dont know i will find a way to improve myself like studying or asking for help and asking questions i have and gotten better in all my classes and not giving up the other reason is to be a inspiration to my little brother and sister and not only to them but my small group of friends too and they say seeing me in school still and working at the same time it inspired only a few to comeback to school and to keep working hard,hearing them say that to me is one of the reasons i wont give up so in conclusion i do think its better we have a grading system so we can learn from our mistakes and to improve ourselves more than we know