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Blog #5: Dismantling the Ethic of Domination

Mainstream understandings of gender and sexuality frequently promote and perpetuate a dominating ethic in a variety of ways. These perspectives are based on historical, cultural, and societal conventions that perpetuate inequalities and power imbalances. Mainstream views typically promote a binary understanding of gender, categorizing people strictly as male or female. People who do not fit into these categories are marginalized and often face discrimination. This would fall under the umbrella of dehumanization.

My own understanding of gender and/ or sexuality align with the dominant ideology because I only believe that humans can be male of female. I do think that a female can have more manly attributes, or that male more feminine attributes, but for me It all boils down to what you were assigned at birth.

Ways that one can challenge dominant ideology is by Actively learning about non-binary, genderqueer, and other gender identities that do not fit the traditional binary framework and Reflecting on and rejecting traditional gender roles, encouraging equitable sharing of responsibilities in personal and professional contexts.

Beliefs or questions around gender and/or sexuality that I want to confront and examine further would be; How do race, class, and other social identities intersect with gender and sexuality to impact individuals’ experiences? How do laws and policies affect the lives of people across the gender and sexuality spectrum, and what changes are necessary to ensure equality? And How does media representation of gender and sexuality shape societal attitudes and individual self-perception?

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