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Blog #7 topic exploration

The topic that I am choosing to explore is about gentrification in New York City. What I already know about gentrification is that it’s the process of of a neighborhood’s demographic gradually changing overtime to favor new, wealthier, and usually, white, residents. This process displaces residents and raises the rent and prices of nearby businesses. I am interested in learning more about this topic because I believe that gentrification is a rapid problem in New York City and my neighborhood is starting to become an issue in my own neighborhood. Everyday, I see more evidence of my neighborhood slowly become more gentrified, and I’m terrified of the possibility of myself or others being forced to leave our homes because of gentrification. The communities most effected by this process are usually low-income, black and brown neighborhoods. My community, Hamilton Heights, has a overwhelming large Hispanic and African-American demographic. However, people of color are moving out more while white residents are moving in. I hope to explore more of this topic and hopefully come up with possible solutions to this concerning problem.

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