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Blog #9: Course Reflection

Reflecting on my journey through the course “Introduction to Social Justice,” I’ve experienced significant personal growth and an evolving understanding of social justice concepts and issues. At the start of the course, I had a basic knowledge of social justice, focused on broad ideas like equality and fairness. Throughout the course, I’ve gained a better understanding of the complexities and interconnectedness of social justice concerns such as police brutality, love, food insecurity, economic inequality, the ethics of domination, and more. I’ve grown more aware of the numerous types of structural unfairness and oppression that different communities suffer. Key moments that impacted me throughout this class was the talks about the meaning and definition of love. There were numerous times where we would bring up a social justice topic and every time we were looking for a solution it all fell on the foundation of love (which we couldn’t even define!). This course has challenged me to be more optimistic about change in the world. Before this class I had a very “we are doomed” mindset but the people in this class helped me realize that there are people in the wore who are fighting for change, and it really only takes one person to inspire a revolution.

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