Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Clash of Value Systems

For me personally I grew up old school seeing woman catering to man so passionately, woman stayed home, take care kids, cook, wash clothes, clean home by the time her husband gets back home. Men were leaders of their homes. Now fast forwarding to the future gender roles have become so mix where some woman rather be bread winners than been a stayed at home wife or mother. Which I don’t see anything wrong with that because there’s a shift in men being “providers” so why can’t a woman position her herself as a leader too?

For me I like to be in the middle, I want to be independent and not depend on a man to provide everything for me. I want to create business, have a successful career but i also don’t mind being in a soft era of being a great Mother and a Nurturer to my own family.

Sociality try to line to one side of the social norm but what can’t we do both ? Why can’t we be strong independent, successful women and also a wife and a mother?

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