Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Class Reflection

Being in a class full of bright minds is amazing. Getting to hear everyone’s thoughts and ideas about different topics made me think to the point where my mind was blown. I couldn’t even speak. Each class I felt welcomed to be in. There was just something I couldn’t accomplish. I can speak. I just couldn’t, my mind was trapped with plenty of ideas that I thought to myself am I gonna say something that doesn’t make any sense. In English class I always speak but how come in social justice my thoughts couldn’t come into fruition. Maybe I have to accept the fact that the class was not difficult but challenging for me in personal ways. The class itself was very self explanatory.  Challenging social responsibility. It is like speaking when spoken too. I wasn’t putting that into my regime. Social responsibility because it’s a class that has to be engaging one has to be engaged and be a part of. I just wasn’t responsible for letting my peers hear my thoughts. I feel like I could have added a few comments now that I’m reflecting but I need to write my thoughts down first because I constantly keep on losing my thought process. The class was fun to be in. Professor Dunne was energetic in every class. There was not a day she was not ready to learn and hear everyone’s opinion based on what we read and was learning. Reflecting on my performance in class it wasn’t bad. I definitely need to know when it’s appropriate to speak up without being in the conversations. Not only did it leave me out but as well as my peers hearing the same people speak up may have left them unfortunate.

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