Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Core Values

My five core values consist of having autonomy, optimism, knowledge, peace, and stability. Autonomy emphasizes the importance of people having control over their own lives and decisions/how they affect them. Promoting autonomy to the community means promoting policies that allow for people to have a voice in decisions that will allow for equality within communities. Optimism allows for a positive outlook for the future of social justice. Having this mindset allows for open-mindness on how we begin to move forward and allows for patience during the fight for change. Knowledge is a crucial component of social change, without it nobody really knows what they are fighting for. When participating and fighting for social justice, people need to educate themselves on their causes in order to fight with the correct information. Peace is essential to social justice, using peace when supporting justice for all promotes non-violence and a safe space for people to promote their causes. Peace is also one of the results to come from the fight for social justice. Stability is used to create consistent and reliable situations for people to thrive. Stability allows for individuals to build and persevere through difficulties within social justice and their own personal lives. 

Promoting these core values can be done through speaking up at protests, encouraging friends and family through social media (sharing instagram posts/stories, snapchat, twitter, or facebook of how people can incorporate these things when fighting for justice), and mentioning these topics in conversations with peers. Using these tactics, you can push forward in the battle for justice and equality.

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