Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Core Values

In todays class I went over my five words which were adaptability, authenticity, faith, risk taking , and teamwork . In the real world I view it as a big soccer game. In soccer there is different positions and different tactics that are included. What I’m trying to point out is that there are different people and different careers people take . I may refer my soccer game as a playground. This playground different kids from different cultures are around which brings up my first core value of adaptability since everyone is hence ‘different’ we interact differently with others or it may be that a setting as loud or quiet and we adapt to it becoming what the rest are. Two authenticity in this world the real world everyone is different including me so i’ll like to stay true to myself making it that I wanna be authentic . I am authentic. Three is faith you don’t wanna fall in the playground because someone may get hurt in the real world if a medical problem has your sent to the emergency room and we don’t want that to happen so we do our best to stay healthy and sane that’s faith for me in one way . The second way would be faith in a timely manner. What that means is say a pair of exclusive shoes are coming out but to get the shoes there are requirements such as credit etc. You work along the way to build these things but it just takes time. Fourth core value is risk taking in my soccer field of view I need to score I may need to be greedy or polite in the actual world when I actually played I was always polite which always brought me life lessons. Too much of being polite may end up in a loss . But that life lesson of being patient always came to return. Politeness should’ve been my fourth word . Now take it back to risk taking if you want something go get it no matter the cost but from my experience it might not always end good . Last and not least teamwork . In order to be better is to take other peoples opinions in consideration remember in this playground everyone plays and everyone helps each other but not everyone is the same . People are definitely there to support it’s just that not everyone views life as a playground . Maybe I can do some convincing to support my claims and gather a team to align my claims but all in all to do good is to do better.

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  1. I loved when you described your values in terms of a soccer game. I know it’s something you care about and it brings you a lot of fulfillment to be on a team in this context- so it’s important! I think analyzing some of your behaviors and motivations in this way can help you discover a lot about yourself. I also love risk-taking as a value- taking risks gets you out of your comfort zone- it means doing something while you are uncertain of the outcome. It takes courage.

    Something that stuck out to me here is when you talk about politeness. I don’t think politeness is a good personal value, actually. I think politeness can lead to inauthenticity to because it is so focused on being “respectful” to others that sometimes it makes you feel like you can’t share your truths, your actual feelings, or your disagreements. It makes me more curious about what authenticity means to you as one of your core values. How would you promote the value of authenticity in your own friend group- in what ways would you encourage others to be authentic?