Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Course Reflection

Reflecting on the 12 weeks in the Intro to Social Justice course I can honestly say that it has been an extremely fulfilling experience. This course was not only exciting, but it also provided a space for me to openly communicate my opinions and experiences. Thanks to my peers who developed an environment of acceptance and respect, allowing us to express ourselves without fear of being judged.

My learning experience has been transformational. I came into the course with certain prejudices, but I’m leaving with a fresh view on a variety of subjects the conversations about political systems, gentrification love, homelessness, social, stratification, minority funding and more all pushed my thinking, and helped me grow intellectually and personally.

I was especially moved by the opportunity to listen and comprehend my peers perspectives which varied greatly, but we’re always informative. These conversations helped shape my understanding of social justice. Furthermore, the course taught me how to effectively explain my beliefs and find specific methods. that I could help address social challenges in our society.

One of my favorite moments from the course was when we discussed the concept of love. Exploring what love means to each of us was very enlightening. Hearing many viewpoints on love, not only changed my own opinions, but also forced me to reassess my understanding of this complex feeling. Reflecting on other peoples experiences and perceptions of love to revisit my childhood and the basis of my concept of love it was a moving occasion because love is such a personal and complex subject with various connotations for everyone conversations on love allowed us to appreciate the many points of view and grasp the complexity of this emotion.

This course also challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and confront ideas that I disagreed with. While I embraced most of the topics, there were moments when I questioned certain approaches or perspectives on things which overall, was a very positive experience.

As a suggestion for future iterations of this course, I would include more participatory activities that all allow students to interact with the surrounding community. This hands-on opportunity could provide essential real world insights and promote a better understanding of social justice in action.

The concepts obtained from this class have extended beyond the classroom. It has influenced my thoughts and behaviors in every day life encouraging me to be more aware of social justice concerns, and proactive in my community involvement.

Overall, the Introduction to Social Justice course was a critical component of my academic impersonal development, and I am grateful for the knowledge and experiences it gave!

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