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Define Social Justice by world view


Social justice is like making sure everyone gets a fair share of things like opportunities, resources, and rights, no matter who they are. It’s about treating everyone equally and making sure nobody gets left behind or treated unfairly. When we talk about social justice, we have to remember that different people face different kinds of unfair treatment because of things like their race, gender, or how much money they have. It’s important to think about how all these things work together and affect people’s lives.

One big idea in social justice is intersectionality, which means understanding how different kinds of unfairness can overlap and make life harder for some people. For example, someone might face discrimination because they’re both a woman and a person of color.

As for me, I don’t have many personal experiences that i can recall from, but I’ve learned a lot from the people around me as well as the people in this class. This has helped me see how important it is to you guys, that everyone is treated fairly and has the same opportunities.

One social justice topic that’s really important is environmental justice. This is about making sure that everyone, especially people in poorer communities or communities of color, doesn’t suffer more from things like pollution or climate change just because of where they live. It’s a big part of making sure everyone has a fair chance at a healthy and safe life.

breaking the 4th dimension: this is the world view and the definition that i searched up on what is social justice this is not my own definition of social justice, if the title was not already telling you then i exist here to tell you.