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Domestic violence

Domestic violence as been a long going issue that affects individuals and even families in america. Domestic violence can be physical, mental or even psychological abuse that happen in intimate relationships. According to studies 1 in 3 women have experienced physical violence in their life time . Domestic violence can be influenced by many thing like societal norms, power, culture and learned behaviors . Within minority communities the common factors are financial stress, substance abuse, mental health issues and history of violence within the family.

Many woman that have faced domestic violence do not speak up because of the question “what did you do that cause him to hit you “ or knowing that their is not many support or laws that protect them. Many don’t realize that it don’t just affect the individual but also children who witness the abuse with can cause trauma that will have long time affect even upon adulthood. I believe America need to do a better job protecting woman and giving them a space to feel free speaking up.
There need to be more public awareness and to educate individuals about the signs of domestic violence so even communities can help those victims. There also need to be stronger laws and policies to protect victims and hold abusers accountable. Even adding programs in schools and communities to promote healthy relationships and conflict resolution skills but most importantly try to fix the common problem in these neighborhoods that may lead to domestic violence.

I personally know friends that have experienced domestic violence and I can honestly say it’s an issue that need to fix today! It demolished one’s character, low self esteem and fear. I believe communities can come together using their core values to help to fix this issue but most important the government need to do a better job protecting these victims, in these communities.

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