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Existences of grades

In elementary school, what I remember most about the grading system is the getting graded on a scale from 0-4 . I always used to get a 3 in most classes the thing is I never really understood it . Until now my question would be how do you get a 4? I always used to do the things required to get an exemplary grade I just couldn’t achieve it . To me the grading system with percentages 0% to 100% is far more simpler as to I would specifically know what I’m doing wrong. Do I like either grading system. No , I believe grades do correlate our understanding of the topic . For example I can complete my homework assignments and such participate but when it comes to the final exam, I didn’t get a full 100%. I’d ask myself how come I didn’t get a 100% when I did all the homework’s and studied. Then I realize the test given to us wasn’t taught to us. When in reality it was the whole test was just worded differently. What I want to point is that there is more to know about a topic than what is taught. So ideas scatter around with different opinions. How I feel about grades? Well it’s useful to understand the course material and what is getting graded to prepare myself it’s just in a real-life scenario life wouldn’t work like that . Yes you can prepare yourself but when its time to perform the whole scenarios changes which requires adaptation. One great example is sports athletes, they train and practice most of the days of the week but when its game time the other team might have a different tactic which requires the team to change tactic and adapt to the game . If the grading system wouldn’t exist I think students will do much better only if and when the professor is making the class engaging .