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Exploring Homelessness Amongst Women with Children and the Root of Addiction

  1. The topic that I decided to choose for my final blog is Homelessness. I thought that diving into specifically women with children, would be a better topic because there’s so much that comes with this conversation.
  2. I know that this is a global issue that many women face, I see it everyday especially in my local communities. women with children make up a great proportion of the homeless population, and their struggles are sometimes exacerbated by conditions such as addiction. Studies demonstrate that homelessness without doubt will have a significant impact on a child’s development, especially living under those type of condition’s. Substance abuse is also reported to be a leading factor in families who suffer homelessness. At least 25% of homeless women with children struggle with addiction.
  3. Learning about the relationship between women and children, homelessness, and addiction is crucial for a variety of reasons. It promotes empathy and understanding for people dealing with these challenges, which frequently go hand-in-hand. Understanding the intricacies can also help the system make better decisions and support that target the fundamental causes and give effective assistance. Also in spreading awareness!
  4. Women with children experiencing homelessness and addiction frequently live in communities with high levels of poverty, limited access to healthcare, and poor housing options. The affordability dilemma, which forces more mothers with their children into unfortunate living situations, may have a greater impact on urban areas with higher costs of living. Additionally, marginalized groups, such as racial and ethnic minorities, are disproportionately affected by institutional barriers that restrict access to work, education, and social services.

Example: Homeless mother and her two sons

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