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final project

NYCHA curruption Research Project

Outline your research process so far. What is your topic? What are some of the keywords you have used to search for information on your topic?

Delays and inefficiencies in nycha. Artificial scarcity, disregarding poverty.

Provide one of the sources you found and what you learned. What are some things about it that makes you believe it is a reliable source?

Nycha is supposed to fix issues with lead paint but doesnt. there are no consequences that go enforced to pressure nycha into making changes. Their was a threatened lawsuit against them by the federal government for lying about lead paint data. Independent moniters had no effect on nycha getting rid of lead paint. After 5 years of promised progress more than 50% of apartments still contained lead paint.

The article was written in feb, 2024 which is recent. The author has expertise on New York City’s housing developments and the housing crisis. It’s relevant because it goes over the lead paint crisis and how NYCHA isn’t making good progress on it. It gets pretty specific and it gives a historical view. It’s appropriate because it’s a news article are NYCHA’s inefficiency. It sides with objective truth about NYCHA including independent reports along with ceo and politician reports.

Provide another source you found. What did it teach you about your topic?

Their is a lot of vacant units in NYCHA and a lot of people that need homes. 5000 units are vacant and they have a waiting list of 274,000 families. They cant properly fill apartments and they can’t create enough apartments. To house those that need it.

This article was written in feb, 2024 which is recent. The author writes for NY1 which is a reputable resource for news about politics in nyc. The relevance is going over the underperformance of NYCHA. It sides with unbiased news reporting about NYCHA giving just facts and no opinion.

Share any challenges you encountered with researching your topic. Do you find research difficult or simple? Explain.

A challenge I faced was knowing what to look for regarding NYCHA and i found everything pretty simple because NYCHA is pretty open about how corrupt they are since they don’t get in trouble for corruption just like how the NED gets away with admitting the terrible stuff they do unlike the CIA.

Discuss how your perspective on the topic evolved throughout the research. What have you discovered about your topic so far?

After learning about NYCHA inefficiency I now believe that NYCHA should be more heavily regulated and corrupt people controlling it should be legally held accountable for not using funds correctly and more facilities should be built to accommodate demand. 

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