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Final Research Topic

 In order to continue researching human trafficking first I need to know the definition of my topic. So if you don’t know. Human Trafficking is known as modern day slavery or hence the name human trafficking which is trafficking humans. It is a crime which involves forcing or coercing someone to provide labor, services, or engage in commercial sex acts. A common misconception is that human trafficking only has to deal with sex acts. It deals with more than just that. Based on the definition I know that forced labor is a part of human trafficking. A quick fact is that seventy percent of humans trafficked is forced labor. There are various amounts of human trafficking and they include sex trafficking, forced labor, domestic servitude, debt bondage, child labor, forced marriage, and sex tourism. Many problems have a root to it’s cause. The roots that cause human trafficking go as follows: poverty, demand, corruption, and conflict. Those are some of the roots that cause people to get trafficked .Human trafficking has an impact on the United States including economic, social, and health related issues .In the United States the vast majority of victims come from Latin America, East Asia, and Europe. Victims are often moved away to isolate them from their family and others closely related to them. The necessity for human trafficking is due to cheap labor, services, and commercial sex.

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