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Grading system

I have been in the school education system for 14 years and I had to repeat the k grade which is crazy because you know it’s the k grade. Grated I was one badass kid fighting putting my hands on teachers even though at that time my fist was small and probably felt like a kitty paw on the body for real. When I used to go to school I ain’t never really cared about my grade not one bit. When I was going to school doe in NYC I just cared about making friends and worried about a grading system. I ain’t try and learn about the grading system until I got into high school. I hated the system there because it was like a rule break on an essay for middle school English class talk about 1 to 4 that shit used to piss me off. I came to understand it was skill based 1 to 4 it was on me to just do the work they gave me, and study it and the grade I would get would reflect that just a matter of me putting in my time and hard work into it maybe I was just really lazy at the time but then again I don’t know. In 6 grade any work I did and turned in on time would be 100 no doubt about it so you can understand why I was really upset in high school cause it ain’t like I ain’t turn in the work on time or anything it’s just I wasn’t following the certain criteria that would give me a grade that I was looking for


  1. Kenny,

    I appreciate seeing you express your ideas in writing. You had to re-do kindergarten?? No wonder you didn’t care about school. It wasn’t an accepting or supportive environment for you from the very beginning. Did anyone even ask you why you were hitting or have any curiosity about your behaviors as a kid?

    Also, it’s not that you’re lazy- why would you even care about putting in any effort when no one was putting any effort into you? I hate the schooling system for real. It’s so violent and it kills all natural curiosity that humans have to learn and explore.

    What would make you interested in school? In your opinion, how could schools be structured better?

  2. You’re not the only one in this class who repeated kindergarten. I did too.

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