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Homelessness Amongst Women and their Children Research Topic Process

One of the article’s that I’m choosing for this research topic is titled “Young Children Experiencing Homelessness: An Overview” by SchoolHouse connection emphasizes the negative impacts on health and development nt. It also examines the fact that homelessness causes long-term trauma fop children, which is especially concerning during their early developmental phases, when they are most vulnerable. According to this source, homelessness disrupts the caring atmosphere necessary for children’s growth. It causes persistent mental health issues, which affects brain development and has long term consequences for learning, behavior and general well-being. A lack of stability and security often leads to mental, physical, and emotional health problems. Example include; poor nutrition, inadequate healthcare and filthy living. Overall, this source’s goal is a call to action to meeting the critical needs of young children who are homeless by providing permanent housing, trauma-informed care, and comprehensive resources that benefit both the children and their moms.

The other article that was chosen for this research topic is titled “Homeless Women with Children: The Role of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse” By The National Institutes of Health (NIH). It focuses into the special issues that homeless women with children experience when dealing with addiction. This is relevant to my topic because it examines the interaction of homelessness, Mother-to-child relationships and substance abuse. This research covers the entire incidence of alcohol and drug misuse among homeless women, recognizing that addiction may be both a cause and a result of homelessness. It looks into how substance addiction exacerbates the already tough position that women are in, making it more difficult to find stability in any aspect of their lives. This article also discusses how addiction can worsen health issues already linked with homelessness and have long term consequences for the children.

One issue I experience while researching this topic was determining what I wanted my main focus to be on. I also wanted to make a compelling case that homeless woman and their children facing significant challenges and that the mothers utilize substance misuse as a coping mechanism with tying in the detrimental effects this has on the children and how it also affects them long-term, and multiple aspects of their lives.

My perspective on homelessness has shifted substantially over the course of my research, with a particular emphasis on woman with children who are addicted and the impact this has on child development and mothers’ lives. Initially, I approached the topic with a broad grasp of the challenges that homeless people experience however, when I dug more into into the studies, I uncovered the complicated and devastating links between homelessness, addiction, and their affects on both moms and children. Overall, my research has increased my empathy and understanding of the intricacies of homelessness, addiction, and their consequences on families. It has highlighted the significance of advocating for policies and programs that address the underlying causes of homelessness and gives substantial assistance to vulnerable people.

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