Building an Authentic Community of Practice


How important are values

Personal values influence peoples behaviors, relationships, and everyday life. They guide you through important decision making and influence personal development. Everyone priorities their core values differently, but for me my core values are wisdom, risk taking, spirituality, balance and understanding. I live by these values everyday and it shapes my way of living. What’s the benefit of having core values if its not being use to benefit the world and others

Wisdom to me is a skill of seeing beyond the thin surface of how things appear, knowing the greatest goal in any situation and the best way to achieve. I believe this core value can benefit sociality because having wisdom and making wise decisions can impact our next generation. Our current generation are very materialistic and all for themselves. If we use wisdom to over turn this view i believe real change can happen.

Risk taking is real important to change our society, most people are affair to take a stand in anything that result in real change. People will see and listen to the problem of society and even go as far as agree but are so fearful to stand up. Risk taking is the will to take risky action in the hope of a desired result. There’s no result without action. Are they being lazy or are they being fearful

Balance is finding a middle where everyone can benefit from. I believe too much of one thing is never good. In our society we need a balance in government system, for example we had talk about jail system i America, some people deserve to be hold accountable for their actions while some are innocent serving time or did little crime but serving More time because of the color of their skin. With a situation like this you can’t lead to one side because their are real sociopaths that deserves to be punish.

Understanding as a core values is really important. If we don’t have understanding for individuals how can we make any real change. In order to meet anyone needs we need to understand their background, their experiences. For example we had mention how will someone understand the life of an individual that’s in a wheel chair if we don’t care to listen. How can the government make rules for these people if they don’t understand them.

Spirituality for me is very important because its the reason i have these 4 values. I believe my spirituality helps me to understand more in depth of what’s going on around me. Without my spiritual values my other values wouldn’t exist.