Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Human values

I think all human beings should have general morals that’s me though I can’t say for someone else. Those are core things a human should have if they don’t get it are they even human their questionable I’m just joking. My values are success, teamwork, understanding, safety, risk-taking, care, honesty, and family. I don’t know without those values I feel like I wouldn’t be who I am today those values make up me. Could ask a friend or family member they would say those things are what make up Kenny. Human values are everything they set up what you are or could be in the world some values might be different from mine to yours for personal reasons and that’s understandable. I ain’t go feel a way if you had no trust cause I probably wasn’t the cause for that someone else or something made you no longer care about having nor showing trust and that understandable. No one should be looked at differently for having morals that may not be a line with others’ morals and core values because every other day is a new day and yesterday is the old, point is shit could change always doesn’t matter.

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