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Researching the Affordable Housing Crisis: A Work in Progress

So far as things are going right now i am trying to organize how i will be writing my blog and i have made it into parts each with its own info just to cover over the basics it would go a little like this

Part 1: The Focusing of the rising of the rent and how it is as a matter of fact going beyond our living wages just so that there is some facts aka sources that make it so no one can go against this point since it is a fact and a problem

here is the source that i was able to find, by the way i will only be providing one source for each part: Wages, Rents, and the Quality of Life | Journal of Political Economy: Vol 90, No 6 (

Part 2: tenant protection but they need more help, stating the laws and protection that tenants have but also giving them more leeway to be able to recieve more help

source: New York Landlord Tenant Laws [2024 ]: Renter’s Rights & FAQs (

Part 3: solutions to further help tenants and that the reason why they need further help is because they are close to homelessness.

source:Homelessness Data & Trends | United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (

this is all i have for now i might add my own experiences but , it would only be a sentance or two , thanks for reading the end.

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