Building an Authentic Community of Practice



It’s been weeks, it was the very first class but it is not like I wasn’t in class overall well I wasn’t but that doesn’t mean talking about my thoughts on love, what it is, what it does, and signs of love. I’m going to share those ideas today here with you because why not this is my blog, isn’t it? Love is a lot well at least to me I talk to a girl for a cool two days boom I’m in love it doesn’t take much I start taking shorty on dates and buying flowers every day I’m a romantic. Now give it 2 months or so now I’m dropped by Shorty cause she ain’t feeling me no more after all I have done for her. Could you imagine the pain I felt at that moment what I say at the end of the day it is what it is, life goes on, people die, and relationships die best we can breathe rest, and reboot and that’s just how it is. The love you go get the most from in this life is your two parents and I learned that the hard way. That love they give you is unconditional I remember reading the book Angela gave us to read called All About Love. When I was reading the book in chapter 2 they were saying “Love was always and only about good feeling”. I agree with that statement so much because when you are in love you care about the person you treat em with all the kindness you can give kindness you would want someone else to give you too they matter to you deeply.With all that you can’t sit here and say that the love you were giving away or reversing ain’t a good feeling I don’t believe you can say that on some real shit love

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