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How i personally defien social justice it is quite simple really fairness for all , and what i consider to be important when it comes to it is how to make it that not only is everyone treated fairly but to help those that are falling to get back up instead of using them as a stepping stool to stand taller and when it comes to my topic that is excactly what is being done instead of landlords helping the community by being considerate about the tenants that are lagging behind they do not wait they only increase when they belive it is the best time to increase the rent.

well since i am a student at a university and i am a low income individual it shapes my understadning in that i want to be treated fairly as well being able to have the same opportunities as others , being able to help those in need when they truly belive that if given enough resources they can be better than what they are now and when it comes to affordable housing that is a simple way to do it since when you think about it and based on the litttle research that i have done most of out monthly income goes into rent unless your eating more then your rent then it would be your food but most times the bigggest money spender is rent now imagine if that was not the case dont you think that we would all be able to have enough money to finally have a fair opportunity in this life? being able to reach the peak of our potential, when there is no more obstacles then needed to then no longer suffer the pain of being low-income.

even though my experiences are not much but since i was toild that i can use it for my topic i shall, i being able to have the privelege of being able to be born in the apartment my parents live in and being in that apartment even now reaching 2 decades living in this apartment but my mother by the time she reached the first decade of living in the apartment filed for rent stabalization or basically what she calls it rent frozen where because she is a senior citizen and has lived in the apartment and also because she is part of the low-income community since now she has not paid more than 1,300 in rent and the landlord can not increase it no matter what since its kinda the goveernment now if she stops paying rent then there is a possibility of eviction but i wont dwell in that to much.

i care about my topic because for me i have always been interested in how rent works exactly know sicne a teen even though im still a teen but you get what i mean, i have wondered what was one of the leading causes of people becoming poorer would be because of rent and other things as well but im mainly focusing on rent since that is the main issue at hand, what motivates my interest is that once i know the problem i create a solution for myself and not only escaping from that but also turning it into beneficial thing for my life

ill be honest i dont remember much about my 5 core values but ill try to remember them love, wisdom, patience, growth, courage i think these are it ill with this then ill keep it short and sweet to not take much of your time these are important to me because i believe that these are the core principles needed in order to truly live in life there must be love for the start of any journey must be first having a love for that journey or else the pain will win and you will fail, and in this journey called life there will be problems that will try to make you endure and since there is love enduring and understanding the pain of the journey creates wisdom when there is now wisdom life will require you to endure not only the pain but since you understand it you stay for longer creating patience and now it will not be long to reach the mountain of the journey in reaching the lowest part of the journey there is fear that arises within us for that is the fear of what we will never understand no matter how much wisdom one hands one will never understand some things but in empracing that fact creates courage which is not the removal of fear but in still continueing because remain in the state of fear will do not good but onyl cause what you fear the most to consume you and now while going up the mountain , reaching half way looking down you see what the growth that you were able to make when looking back is when one finally realizes wow i have been growing and boom thats growth for you. now when it comes to my topic ill be honest it kinda has nothing to do with it so ill just say that in understanding more on what the problem is with the increase in rent and solving that problem there will be more growth in our lives sicne then there would not be any struggle with money.

whenit comes to my personal values i would say that rent only benefits the winner which is the landlord while the tenant receives what they are paying but worse again business is not fair and i dont expect it to become fair now both my values and social justice principles agree on this or so i think that when it comes to rent it is way to high and there must be fairness to the people aka the tenants who either want to be tenants and the people who are staying there.

well ill be honest i can not do much of a impactful action nor practice but what could happen now is educating and raising awareness of their tenant rights since most people dont know that as well as using social media to show that the housing crisis is a problem and ways to address the problem.

i would disagree to say that my culture influences my thoughts on this topic since i am very different from the majority of this world but i would simply say that because of my lack of understanding the way i few both sides of the spectrum is simply with a sense of wanting to distance myself from them since when it comes to the housing crisis i would agree that the landlord does increase the rent and when it comes to it the people wont be able to afford it so there is a distance from the landlord when it comes to them doing this and i dont desire to understand why they do it and not only that but also the bare minimum conditions of living they give to tenants but when new wealthier tenants enter they make everything brand new and make them the kind of there apartment i mean , business is business i guess.

when it comes to gender and sexuality and how it impacts or relate to those things i cant say much since i did not do much research but i would say that it impacts the way landlords view you looking at it from a business perspective the liability that a single mother of 4 will be to a single young male will be very different and when it comes to choosing one of the two nine / 10 times the landlord will choose to have the single young male as there tenant because they see it as less as a problem leaving the single mother of 4 to struggle to find a good apartment or home to rent.

how i would build my skills to address the needs since i have no talents or skills to really contribute i would have to create some and in creating some i would simply say that i would try to collect as much information as possible about rent , landlords, tenant, tenant protection and policy to better lead the people out of getting into a housing crisis and in worse cases into homelessness.

to conclude with all of this since i wrote alot i would simply stick to the simple things rent is rising and wages are staying that same that is saying something solutions are this be on the other side and start winning oh i forgot you need money for that well kinda of but another solution would be to live with people since we are a community that should be easy share the rent to gett out of a low income life together but beyond that i cant help yoiu with more thanks for reading and my spelling is terrible so bear with it ,

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