Building an Authentic Community of Practice


my skills and qualities that can go towards collective care

A valuable asset I possess that could benefit my community is resourcefulness, leadership, and artistic creativity. For example, I believe in taking advantage of any opportunities I come across— programs, food banks, and more. I think that if someone were to ask me for help with accessing something, I would be able to provide them with needed support. As for artistic creativity, I would be able to help with art murals, community projects, graphic design for ads/flyers, and more. These are all assets that every community needs, even if it’s for something as simple as brightening up a neighborhood. Leadership skills is another valuable quality to possess. I have lots of experience with leading group activities, especially since I work with children. I have no problem taking the initiative and becoming the authority figure in a room. If anyone was ever looking for a responsible person to address a concern, I wouldn’t hesitate to provide support.

Something my neighborhood has a problem with is crime, specifically gang activity and drugs. Two weeks ago, there was a shootout on my block that involved two women being shot, including my elderly aunt who was holding a vigil for her son’s death anniversary. I witnessed the chaos unfold as my father was shaken from almost being shot himself, and I watched and cried with horror as my aunt bled out on the sidewalk. Thankfully, my aunt is okay now— a punctured lung and fractured rib cage– but, at least she is alive. My community is still shaken by the random outburst of violence, my aunt is truly the matriarchal support of my community, she is the glue that holds everyone together, EVERYBODY knows her. She hosts fun block parties and potlucks, she sells empanadas and candles, she makes sure everyone is okay. I aspire to be like her, she still holds her head strong despite everything she’s gone through. I know that it wouldn’t be easy if I took over this role one day, especially when addressing concerns like violence, but I would be committed to making a meaningful change one day, especially with the skills I could provide. 

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