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research process on gentrification

Before researching the process of gentrification and current-day examples, I decided to first look into the history of gentrification in the United States. Using National Geographic’s article on gentrification, I learned that gentrification has existed far as long back to the 1940s. There is also an inherently racist undertone regarding gentrification, as the process stems from anti-black housing laws that discriminate against African- Americans. I learned that real estate brokers would encourage black families to pay large amounts to move into an urban neighborhood so that white families can sell their homes for a cheaper price to leave the neighborhood. After this process, the neighborhood would be denied financial opportunities and improvements.┬áMy interest in this topic has definitely increased, especially with the new knowledge I have now. I learned that gentrification is not just an issue that mostly effects Americans, but its a pervasive issue in many other countries as well. I didn’t come across any challenges when researching this topic.

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