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Social Justice Topic: Tenant Unions

An artistic rendering of tenants protesting for housing.

Tenant unions is the topic I chose to research and explore for my final blog. I decided to choose a topic that would both address the social justice issue of housing, as well as provide a bottom-up, community-centered solution- which speaks to my values.

What do I know about this subject already?

I know that tenants unions are building, neighborhood, or block-based groups that form to address issues with housing. They use collective power to get repairs, fight rent increases, gentrification, and evictions, and generally act to protect tenants and tenants rights.

What am I interested in learning about the subject?

I am interested in learning about how they form, more about what they can do, any historic wins or current organizing- specifically with regard to rent strikes(!) and the resources available to tenants interested in starting one.

What communities are affected by this subject?

Anyone who rents their apartment or property and deals with a landlord can benefit from a tenant union or from the resources and tactics that existing tenant unions share.

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