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Social JusticeĀ 

You know living in NYC you can be a witness to seeing a lot of injustice. I remember I was riding a Citi bike with my friend on their block going up the hill cops stopped us up the hill for what reason you may ask, we couldn’t be riding on the block. Mind you 4 officers came out of the car for this reason alone. I’m like you serious they asking me and my friend for identification what bro I showed them mine then they had trouble with my friend cause he didn’t wanna show them any identification and I felt the same way but I just wanted to go so if that’s all they needed and we can be on our way I wasn’t tripping. I look back at that day when I was in class we were talking about injustice and I don’t know I don’t feel like that stop was lawful in anyway feel me. I just saw a video of some kid walking and then he pulls out his gun and holds the gun sideways shoots at a car then keeps on walking. Now when you show a grand jury this, what do you want those people to vote to bring this to a trial when all the kid did was shoot at a car, make son do some community time for vandalizing not make him a felony for it.

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