Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Survival of the fittest or Equality

I believe that in this world, especially in America, there will always be a hierarchy since the foundation of America was built on a creation of a hierarchy to run away from a hierarchy to create your own for this is what I call the desire for power. The way of the survival of the fittest is it right? No, but then again that is the wrong question to be asking. It is to be asked, will it ever be removed? It can, but if there is a desire for power, then it can never be removed in this case. Well, mainstream understandings are supporting the whole gender and sexuality topic a whole lot, and they are of course upholding an ethic of domination by having a power called democracy, which is by using a group of people to enforce an idea that is said to be a correct and normal way to think. Then it will influence others to follow the same path since it is a fear of missing out. Since no one, number one, does not want to be alone but also no one wants to be the ugly duckling in the pack. I would not say they do. They both go against it but also question since in this case the dominant ideology is opposed to my ideas on how these things work. I am of course the black sheep. As long as you’re still reading, it means you want to know how I think, so that’s good. When I say dominant ideology, I mean the ones that are part of the democracy because that is all I see, so I hope you understand what I mean. I challenge the dominant ideology by asking questions, again trying to understand their point of view but also making sure that there is a logical argument that is happening where I can gain insight on the people and the people can gain insight from me and may the best point be the winner. What I want to confront are two things: what are the roles of genders if there are any? And which way is the best long-term lasting lifestyle having a sexually liberated life or a sexually conservative life? This is all for now and again may the best sheep win.

P.S.: In the name of love dont go attacking me for my opinion for i dotn do that to you, only do what you want others to do to you.