Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Taking On Roles Toward Collective Care

When I look at my community where I have been living for 20 years now when I walk down my block, see old friends of mine smoking and being no good but I’m just joking on that part. My friends love smoking and getting high but they love doing it on my block and at times it could be tedious. They get cops called on them people in tenants come out and might try and get in a fight with one of em, shit can get outta hand, and they get food sometimes and leave their trash like no home training. I’d like for us to come together, and try and find a way where they are not disturbing the peace but just add more simpler peace if that makes sense. I’d like to add benches in front of my building because you asked me, my building has the space for that out in front of it and you know my people could just sit right there mind their business chill and smoke have stationery trash bins around I say 2 bins both across from each other. When doing this I believe I put my values and leadership to good use for my community cause I love my people I love where I’m from they are just lucky I ain’t rich I’d just build a park right where a building is that caught on fire years ago.

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