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The System of Grading

My experiance of grades is negative and I agree witht the author. While I’ve always gotten good grades i do notice that i have a history of choosing easier assignments which is one of the things he’s mentioned. I remember my drama class I chose sound director which was a much easier position than other positions like Actor and director. I did this because I wanted to do well in the class without putting passion into into it so i could reduce my effort to grade ratio. If their wasnt a grade I would have been ok with just messing up my lines and being an actor. In a math class I only studied what the teacher said would be on the exam even though I was genuinely interested and passionate about the class. To contrast grades aren’t always a negative. When I failed 4 classes I decided to take college more seriously which is why I’m doing this assignment now. I wanted a higher GPA so I could get more scholarships. to rebut this getting more scholarships is’nt about my passion for learning, but my desire for money and a higher paying job. To conclude grading does not promote passion.