Building an Authentic Community of Practice


The Truly Last of IT all

what resonated with me was talking about love, mainly understanding how the people around me, understand love and how both different and similar it is to my views on love.

its challenged my thought process as to what this world thinks to be right and wrong compared to my thoughts on it.

i can not change what has already been done, but i would say that i enjoyed the interactiveness that there is , and if i were to change it, i would make things worse by the views of this world. i would prefer to not explain since again my opinion will only make things worse, for how can a bird teach a fish how to swim when it does not have fins.

i have used the information being the experiences of my peers as well as you being my teacher to know more how the people around me think , mainly what you guys think about society, companies aka business and other things of this world, and how it has allowed me to understand more about life.

entering into a world that is and putting on a new lens and seeing things as they truly are.

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