Building an Authentic Community of Practice


The Understanding of Where I Stand.

My five core values are love, discipline, wisdom, patience, and growth. What they all mean is that in order to have a great life, these five values are of utmost importance, at least in my opinion. When it comes to living life, the first and foundational value is, of course, love. Love is necessary to have anything and any of these values at all. Without love, one will never be able to have any of these things, for even by love, do we have life today. That’s just how necessary love is.

Secondly, discipline follows. I’m trying to rank these, but bear with me if it doesn’t make sense. Wisdom is another essential point. To not lose the values that you have, there must be an understanding of what wisdom is, so that it can be considered valuable to you. This is why wisdom goes above the foundation and is considered as the first floor to truly set the stage for one’s values.

Every other value after this is self-explanatory, but I’ll go into more depth just for you. I would like to call this a desire to continually grow instead of just simply growth. The reason behind this is that it reinforces all the other things you do. It acts as a booster to having to be patient and disciplined for this life, which is what I call the house of values.

Learn from this or not, the choice is yours. Whether your values are useful or useless, it’s all about how you use them. My values align with inclusivity, mainly with wisdom because in order to gain understanding, there must be views from multiple people to see which path is truly for you to take. Without understanding, you will only see one path, causing a lack of wisdom, which is why it goes hand in hand with inclusivity.

What I do to actively practice is to always express a desire to have both the people’s voice and mine be heard. I know it’s called having a conversation with people, but it’s simply something I like to do to know where you stand. I gain more understanding of the truth in life, which is wisdom.