Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Understanding my values to develop a ethical


My top 5 core values are

Community- community promotes cooperation and gives individuals a sense of belonging and makes them feel apart of something bigger.
Trust- Trust is the building block to any type of relationship, whether it be platonic, familiar, family, business. With out trust relationships quickly fall apart.
friendship- Friendship enriches your life and provides you with companionship and increases your sense of belonging
communication- When people communicate with each other, bonds form and relationships strengthen and all the while it increases productivity .
love- Love Enables us to share deep bonds with others and experience life with other human beings at a more intimate level.

I believe that Solidarity aligns with my own personal beliefs, I believe that communication and cooperation across different identities and cultures can be successful in the fight against oppression and injustice. And I believe that if people were to just talk to each other they would find out they're grievances and goals are more alike than unalike and want to work together to solve issues in their communities.

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