Building an Authentic Community of Practice


Using Personal Values to Develop an Ethical Stance

By:Jose Jacobo

In navigating life’s twists and turns, I cherish five fundamental values: Love, Loyalty, Understanding, Communication, and Commitment. These principles steer my choices and interactions, molding not only my personal satisfaction but also my contributions to society.

Love: Love is a powerful force in our lives, but when we lose someone dear to us, it can leave us hesitant to open up again. The pain of loss can make it hard to trust and move forward. Even so, love encourages me to honor the memory of those we’ve lost by standing up for diversity, fairness, and inclusion. Though loss may leave scars, love motivates me a bit to try and overcome fear and work towards a world where everyone is respected and valued, regardless of our differences.and try to find love with a different person but in a few ways its holding me back to move on and keep moving forward.

Loyalty: Loyalty means sticking by someone through thick and thin, whether it’s in personal relationships or fighting for what’s fair and right. It inspires me to support marginalized groups, call out unfair systems, and back movements pushing for equality.

Understanding: Understanding means listening, learning, and putting yourself in other people’s shoes to see things from their perspective. It encourages me to learn about different types of unfair treatment and advantages some people have over others. This motivates me to have tough conversations, support projects that bring people together, and promote inclusivity and awareness.

Communication: Good communication helps people work together, speak up for what’s right, and make a difference. It gives power to spread awareness, bring communities together, and hold others accountable. I want to use my voice to speak out for those who aren’t heard, share helpful information about social justice, and support platforms that give marginalized people a stronger voice.

Commitment: Commitment means sticking with something and not giving up, even when it’s hard. In terms of social justice, it’s about working hard to make things fairer for everyone. This includes learning more, speaking up for what’s right, supporting marginalized groups, and making sure we and others are doing our part to treat everyone fairly.

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  1. These are a powerful set of personal values you’ve shared in your blog! Love, loyalty, understanding, communication, and commitment are such fundamental qualities for any strong relationship and working with one another to make society just. It’s really inspiring to see how you’ve articulated them and the importance they hold in your life and within the focus of social justice.