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Justice to me is being fair, holding everyone to the same standard and fairness. I strongly believe that there are consequences in everyone actions but i realize that not everyone might not be hold accountable because of their assets in the United States. Within the court system itself, fairness toward minority does not exist in that the peremptory challenge system, there are so much innocent individuals that’s suffering for small crimes such as subway tickets. Who speaks for the minority? Who decides justice for these HUMAN BEINGS ?. It’s clear if you don’t have money you do not have power in America, When do the poor get a voice ? When do they get Justice !?. I believe the deeper problem in society is the Structure and the rich who created laws that does not benefit the poor in anyway at all. It is time to shape the unfairness in their so call “justice” system. But where do we start? The jail system? Or the mental health to prevent minorities from even being in the jail system in the first place? Or even help the minority financially?. It’s easy to say what we need done but who’s really going to speak up for justice ? My heart pour out for the individuals that have been treated unfairly. We need justice