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what is love?

I’m currently sitting in my room, typing the draft for the first assignment that is extremely overdue since we’re about 6 weeks into class. If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a terrible procrastinator. Even though I wasn’t there for the very first day of class, I was there for the second day. I had originally thought that college was going to be kinda overwhelming and I wouldn’t participate much in class. Though that is somewhat of the case for this class specifically, I do find myself doing most of the participating in other classes. I find this class to be a little too fast-paced, and the topic of discussion tends to move on quickly, so I feel like I don’t have much to add on. But, I love the structure of this class and hearing everyone’s differing opinions. It’s definitely a refresher compared to my other classes where nobody except the professor speaks. 

My opinion on love is quite simple, I guess. I didn’t really have a problem sharing my thoughts out loud in class because it’s such a straightforward topic to discuss. Not to get cheesy or anything, but I think all forms of love and how people show love, is so incredibly beautiful, it makes me grateful to be alive and experience these things. Familial love is definitely the “purest” kind of love because it is for the most part, unconditional. My mom is always going to be my mom. My dad is always going to be my dad. Nothing is ever going to change that, even if we went our separate ways, family is still family, and I will always love them no matter what.

I definitely consider myself a romantic, so passionate love is also something that I’m a mega sucker for. I love to consume all types of romantic media, whether it’s written, music, or visual. The thought that two people can choose to be together and choose to share their lives with each other is crazy to me. ​​I suppose that’s why I appreciate discussing love in class. It’s a topic that resonates with everyone in some way or another. Whether it’s through personal experiences, cultural influences, or whatever, love is a universal language that binds us all together.