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what Is Love!!??

by: Jose Jacobo

Reflecting on the first day of class, I found it to be a stimulating and enriching experience, particularly as we delved into the intricate topic of love. It was fascinating to witness the diverse perspectives and personal anecdotes shared by my classmates, each offering their unique interpretation of love and its significance in their lives. Whether it be through relationships, friendships, or familial bonds, love encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions and experiences

.What stood out to me most was the atmosphere of mutual respect and acceptance within the classroom. Everyone expressed their opinions freely, fostering an environment where no one felt judged or hesitant to contribute. This openness allowed for a deeper exploration of the complexities of love, prompting introspection and discussion on its importance and meaning.

My understanding of love has been shaped significantly by the lessons imparted by my mother. Her unconditional love and nurturing nature have taught me invaluable lessons in respect, kindness, and empathy. Through her example, I’ve learned the importance of treating others with dignity and compassion, regardless of differences or disagreements. Additionally, my father’s influence, though more subtle, has instilled in me qualities of resilience and responsibility, contributing to my understanding of love in a familial context.

Returning to the topic of love, I cannot help but reflect on a significant relationship in my life. Sara, who was my girlfriend at the time, sadly she passed away due to COVID-19. She was the epitome of kindness and warmth, with a vibrant personality that drew me to her. Our time together was filled with nothing but positivity, and she held a special place in my heart. Though her absence leaves a void, I am committed to moving forward while cherishing the memories we shared.

While the pain of losing Sara remains, I am determined to navigate through it, knowing that her memory will always be a part of me. Though I may not openly discuss her, her presence lingers in my thoughts, serving as a reminder of the love we shared. Despite the challenges, I strive to honor her legacy by embracing life and its possibilities, while also treasuring the love and connections that enrich my journey but yeah this is what loves means to me from my point of view.

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  1. Jose, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in reflecting on our first day and for sharing your personal experiences of love and loss. I lost two family members myself (my grandfather and aunt) from COVID-19 but I could not even imagine the added difficulty and complexities of losing an intimate romantic relationship.

    You write about Sara in a way that is imbued with so much love and care. I am certain that your experiences with her have taught you so much about giving and receiving love. My heart goes out to you regarding this immense loss. The beautiful thing about love is that it is not finite; it is an infinite resource. So while you move along your journey of love, you can experience love in all different ways, with various people, and still keep all the love you have for Sara.

    I look forward to reading and hearing more of your thoughts!