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What is social justice to me?


I believe that social justice is advocating for a society where every individual is given rights that are respected, protected, advocated for. What I think people need to recognize when thinking about social justice is that people have unique identifies and opinions that were shaped by historical inequalities and personal experiences , and when we examine and address these problems we are able to more effectively move towards a more equitable society. I believe that I myself as a black male may have a stronger and more focused opinion on the topic of racism, that's not to say that I don't care about other social issues, its just that it is a part of of my identity that has impacted me the most negatively. Growing up in the age of the internet and where every kid under the age of 12 has access to the internet including myself, i never really noticed/ acknowledged the casual and sometimes hardcore racism that circulates in online communities. It isn't until that i am older that i realize that many people are very comfortable spitting vitriol and hatred behind anonymous accounts, this has made me very aware that many in real life may have these opinions/ideologies.

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