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What is Social Justice??


To me Social Justice means everyone gets equal human rights and every single person in the country gets the same political and social chances that they want. Social Justice to me also means no one is discriminated against just by the color of your skin or your religion. Honestly the most important thing to keep in mind when we theorize about social justice is fairness and equality to everyone in the country. Even though I do not know that much about Social Justice and I am new to the topic One example that has shaped my perspective on the topic is HealthCare in America. For example everyday people get into accidents and they get injured in the process and It isn't even their fault. Many people can not afford Healthcare and end up paying a bunch of bills that they can't pay off. I personally think this is bullcrap because upper-class people can easily pay for healthcare while lower-class people like me can't really afford healthcare so we just end up getting screwed even more. There are many social Justice topics I care about and would like to discuss But the that interests me the most is Gender Equality. Gender Equality is the social justice topic I care about since many women are affected by it, for example many states have banned abortions and women in those certain states have lost their reproductive rights and I personally think that's terrible, people should be able to do whatever the hell they want with their bodies it's their rights.

By: Jahnaya Hastings