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what social justice means to me

to me, social justice is about advocating for the rights of yourself and others alike. its about protesting and fighting for change in the world and making sure you are not silenced. something important to keep in mind is that i guess fighting for change can look different for everyone if that makes sense. some people will protest while others fight to change laws or some people stick online to spread awareness. my identity has definitely shaped my views on many things. for example, im a mixed race, hispanic woman, whos also a lesbian, so i definitely have strong opinions regarding things such as race, gender, and sexuality. i have struggled with mental health, so that shapes my thoughts on things like healthcare or the stigmatization of mental illness. i have an undocumented father, so that shapes my opinion on things such as immigration. and i come from a low-income background, so that shapes my view on class and the distribution of wealth in our society. a social justice topic i care extremely about lately, is the top 1% vs the working class. i feel very strongly towards those who hoard their wealth while the average working class american cant even afford groceries now. i think as a native new yorker, living here has definitely gotten more expensive because of inflation and more people moving here everyday. my neighborhood is actively being gentrified while my family is struggling to make ends meet. a starbucks recently opened near me, and thats how i know the end is near, lmfao.